What to Expect

What to Expect

Our condo is located on Fall River Road in Estes Park, approximately 1.5 miles west of downtown Estes Park. Fall River Road is also US 34. The Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is just 3 miles to the west of the condo on US 34. Our condo shares a building with five other units. Collectively, they are known as Bear Creek Condos. Detailed directions are provided to paid guests.

Located in the desirable Fall River Corridor, the Fall River flows behind the building, just a few yards from it. Flow in the river is pretty strong year-round and the sound of flowing water can be heard from inside the condo when windows are open. The Fall River Corridor is essentially an extension of Estes Park developed mostly with lodging complexes along US 34 in the river valley leading up the boundary with the national park. Along with the river, this corridor contains beautiful pine forests. Rocky and scenic Castle Mountain forms the north wall of the valley across the road from the condo. In general, the corridor is much less densely developed than in town. Around our building, no other lodging complexes are located close to it, but some structure can be seen through the trees in the distance. The rear of the building is private and contains common area picnic tables and seating shared by all units. Across the parking lot in front of the building is you’ll find Nicky’s restaurant. From the front of the condo, the back of the restaurant can be seen.

All roads leading to the condo are paved and there are no big hills in the immediate vicinity. Access in winter is easy. A paved parking lot in front of the building will easily accommodates two cars for the unit.

The Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is just 3 miles to the west on US 34. You’ll want to enter the park here when driving spectacular Trail Ridge Road or Old Fall River Road. We also recommend entering the park at this entrance when headed over to the hiking trails at the popular Bear Lake area of the park instead of going through town and entering the park via the Beaver Meadows entrance. The distance is a few miles farther but the scenery is fantastic and wildlife viewing is very good. Take US 36 when reached to Bear Lake Road.

Headed in the other direction from the condo, downtown Estes Park is just 1.5 miles to the east. At 0.1 mile east of the condo, West Elkhorn Avenue (Business 34) forks from the main road and takes you into the heart of downtown. Continuing straight on US 34 will take you to the east side of town and offers the quickest route to Safeway, the largest grocery store in town. If you don’t wish to drive into town, a multi-use paved path passes by the condo near the road and offers a scenic walk or bike ride into the town center.

You’ll find our condo well stocked with most of the items you’ll need for a comfortable stay. You really only need to worry about bringing your own food and personal toiletries. Here is a list of many of the items we provide: bath/kitchen towels, bed linens, cookware, dishes, utensils, dish soap, hand soap, foil, cooking spray, S&P, coffee filters, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, Kleenex, trash bags, laundry and dishwasher detergent, dryer sheets, hair dryers and more. Please note: we do not provide little bottles of shampoos, lotions, etc. like many hotels provide.

Your privacy is important to us; however, sometimes maintenance issues arise requiring prompt attention. If this happens during your stay and a maintenance technician needs to enter the condo, we will make every effort to notify you in advance of the technicians arrival.

Wildlife is abundant in and around Estes Park, most notably elk. Elk often travel through the Fall River Corridor, which means they pass and/or graze right on the grounds of the condo. While they may appear docile, it is important not to approach them and to give them plenty of space. The September elk rutting season can be a particularly dangerous time of year around elk as their behavior can be unpredictable.

No food should be stored or left outside the condo overnight, and no food should be left outside with the intent of feeding birds or smaller wildlife as this has the potential to create dependency behavior in animals that can be both a nuisance and risk to the safety of them. Please keep the wildlife of Estes Park wild.

Are you a wildlife watcher? As you enter RMNP via the Fall River entrance, you’ll find yourself in a section of the valley called Horseshoe Park. The meadows found here and nearby hillsides offer some of the best wildlife viewing on the east side of the park. We’ve seen elk, moose, bear and bighorn sheep here on our trips through the park.

There are no landline telephones in the condo. Cell phone service is good for all major carriers.

WiFi Internet is provided. Connection instructions are provided in the condo.

Cable television service is provided through TDS Telecom.

Sorry, we can’t satisfy everyone’s preference when it comes to bedding. Our beds have king-sized firm mattresses with mattress pads and king-sized pillows. Extra pillows and blankets can be found in each bedroom.

Daily housekeeping service during your stay is not provided. We have cleaners in Estes Park who clean and maintain our condo between guests when we are not there. They can assist with light maintenance or other needs that may arise if we are unable to. Their contact information is provided to paid guests.

The building parking lot and driveway are plowed after each significant snow event.

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